How to disable AP?

  • @Luciano-S @Francesco-Pessolano It worked for me. (Reboot needed)

  • you mean you can reboot this thing? reboot for me does not work
    anyhow I tried to set


    but it did nothing, There is no default radio on the standard os

  • @Francesco-Pessolano this is what I did:

    1. uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].hidden='1'
    2. uci commit
    3. reload_config
    4. reboot
      Since 'hidden' value is set to 1, when my Omega boot up the AP ssid is hidden as expected.

  • I will try even if everytime i do reload_config it stalls everything and i need to turn off and on

    Overall, i am happy with this chip ... i only wish there was more support especially on the source codes

  • @Zheng-Han hiding the AP doesn't really do anything. You can still see the signal and the wifi mac and proceed with attacks as usuall, but more concerning, it's using up that valuable wifi spectrum for no reason.
    I can see all my neighbor's hidden ssids, wmacs and all with an app on my phone. Mine's a $2 app called WiFi Analyzer --- but there's free ones.


    Requires further testing, but I seemed to have killed the AP with:

    iwpriv ra0 set Channel=0 # dead now

    I wonder if it's a hidden driver setting or a bug or something; but it seems to have worked.

    note that uci set does NOT work. You have to iwpriv or the channel seems to be hardcoded at 11...

  • I definitively agree, i truly hate to have the on and have a bck door not protected from my router

  • After further testing, it appears still to be working... so I went source diving and found mainly the problem is in the /lib/wifi/ -- it seems intentionally or by bug to lookup the apcli0 channel and overwrite whatever you put in -- or possibly looks up the channel of the AP the client connects to and overwrites the AP channel with that (for whatever reason).

    But the client works fine on channel 0 iff you set only the ra0 channel to 0.

    So I made a new setting and kludged it in rudely just above the part where it sets the channel for the ra0 dev with iwpriv.

    Note that applying this patch, while allowing uci set wireless.ra0.ra0_only_channel 0, will also prevent opkg from being able to update the ralink-wifi-mt76x8 package; possibly leaving you with no ralink drivers installed. Be sure to copy the ipk to /root/ if you plan to use this patch so you can rescue the system over serial... or just factory reset or whatever, that seems pretty painless.

    ---  2017-02-14 17:43:04.885469047 -0500
    +++  2017-02-14 17:50:07.826365772 -0500
    @@ -598,8 +598,15 @@
                    set_wifi_up "$vif" "$ifname"
    -   [ "$channel" != "auto" ] && iwpriv $device set Channel=$channel
    +   # I made a slightly difference settings space so I could have a
    +   # different channel for each device.
    +   # 
    +   # use uci set wireless.ra0.ra0_only_channel 0 to disable AP
    +   config_get ${device}_only_channel $device mah_only_channel $channel
    +   [ "$channel" != "auto" ] && iwpriv $device set Channel=$mah_only_channel
            iwpriv $device set MaxStaNum=$maxassoc

  • @Paul-Miller I tried your way but without luck. ApCliEnable automatically fails to '0' for some reason and I can't keep my STA link...

    I set the ssid and password to random strings of maximum length and hided the network, seems like this works

  • @Himura-Kazuto agreed. I'm sure this worked at one point … a while later, I discovered it nolonger worked, or I imagined it or something. Maybe I was on a different firmware version (and have no idea which)? Who knows.

    I shelved the omega2. It's a pile. It's neat as a novelty, but overall it's a pile. I'm using other devices instead.

  • So is it confirmed that the WiFi access point on the Omega2 cannot be disabled? If that's the case, this is a dealbreaker.

    Paul: Which device did you end up using?

  • With the proprietary driver the Omega2 ships with - sadly, yes, the AP is always on.

    But with the open source mt76 driver, disabling the AP is no problem.

    And note that mt76 has matured a lot since this thread started a year ago! As a true open source project, there are people working steadily to improve it. There are updates every few weeks to make it better. For my needs, mt76 has become stable enough already many months ago. And it is a much cleaner setup, using standard cfg80211. I like it way better than these sad proprietary chunks of code tied to a specific kernel version and thus blocking all other progress!

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