WiFI Weather Broadcaster

  • This script uses PHP, Curl, and Bash to look up current weather conditions and create 7 wifi access points with the data. It's designed to work with weather.gov's XML feeds. Modification to make it work with other data sources should not be too difficult.


    Example Output of iw dev wlan0 scan | grep SSID

    SSID: >> KMYF Weather: Light Rain Fog
    SSID: >> Temp: 58.0 F (14.4 C)
    SSID: >> Dewpoint: 55.9 F (13.3 C)
    SSID: >> Wind: South at 8.1 MPH
    SSID: >> Wind Direction: South
    SSID: >> Visibility: 2.00 MI
    SSID: >> Relative Humidity: 93%

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    @Mike this is ingenious! how long does it take to cycle through all the information shown here ?

  • @Zheng-Han Thanks! I have cron set to run the script every 15 minutes. It creates 7 differently named access points all at the same time. Total execution time of the script is about 3.4 seconds.

    Here's a screenshot from an Android phone showing nearby WiFi access points.

    WiFi Weather screenshot of nearby access points.

  • I cannot get this to work. May I have a bit of assistance?

  • Very cool!

    It looks like this requires install of php. I'm planning on installing php5 and php5-cgi.

    Are there any other dependencies or additional installs required?

    Thanks for your effort!

  • @Mike :

    The script calls "readarray" and this command is not found.

    Can you please outline additional steps your took to get this script/php to run on the Omega?


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