Switch Off not work

  • Can I switch off the board in a good version?
    I can put off the power cable, but I want close all the process before.
    I can try
    power-down -f
    but not work.

  • There is no powerdown capability and never has been; however there is hang-on-reset bug in the 2+ that in its older form where it could be triggered by software as well as hardware reset used to sort of look like one.

    What would be effective would be a good software halt.

  • @Chris-Stratton said in Switch Off not work:

    What would be effective would be a good software halt.

    Is this not good enough? LEDE makes it this way:

    root@Omega-####:/sbin# poweroff
    root@Omega-####:/sbin# [ 4097.555023] reboot: System halted

    LED is off.

  • @Luciano-S. Yes, the LED is off.

    But unfortunately the current consumption is ~65-70 mA (at least on my O2+). Maybe the MT7688 freezes and the state of the RAM, FLASH, etc. is not determined.

    Additional similar states of Omega2+:

    • This is my pet ;-)

    Kernel panic - not syncing: stack-protector: Kernel stack is corrupted in: 8701d944

    Rebooting in 3 seconds..

    • Hardware Reset - when the RST pin goes to LOW
      (eg. via a momentary push button to the GND).

    Chris Stratton taught me to understand, my problems are related to Omega2+ only.
    Please forget it if you are talking about Omega or Omega2.

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