• Is there an IRC channel somewhere for onioneers to chat in realtime?

  • @dr_jkl After a quick Google, it would seem the answer is "no." I, at least, ain't aware of any.

  • Do you think there'd be interest in one?

  • @dr_jkl , it is possible chat online and invite more than one ...
    a pseudo IRC ;-)

  • @dr_jkl I don't quite think there's a big enough of a community around here for that, no.

  • Well, there is now :-))

    Actually that's not quite true, it's essentially IRC, but on a newer more feature full platform
    There are clients for browser, IOS, Android, and a few up and comming desktop clients also.
    Oh, and there is a plugin for the Weechat IRC client users also.

    Enough of that though, here are some links....

    For IOS and Andriod, first visit the home page where you will find links to the available apps in their respective stores.
    Once you have installed an app, you can use the client selector link to connect directly to the room.

    Riot also offers an electron web app for Linux, Mac, and Windows if you would rather not run it directly in your browser.

    Once you have connected (via whatever client) you will need to create an account to access the room as guest access is disabled to help control spamming and abuse.

    I'm present there as dcg_mx, I can't promise I can answer all of your questions, but as the room membership grows someone will be able to.

    See you there.

  • This post is deleted!

  • will have to check this out.

  • @David-Godfrey said in IRC?: web app This link will take you to a page allowing selection of a client then send you to the room.

    For the oldies of IRC as me, who are used to use text-based chat, just use the second option @David-Godfrey mentioned: this is browser based and you can't access as guest. It makes sense to create an account (see top of page) with similarities as you use in the onion community (same name or same personalized avatar).

    See you there ...

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