Bill of Materials for Expansion Dock, or part specs?

  • Righty-o... does anyone know where and if a BOM (Bill of Materials) exists for the Omega2? Specifically, I want to know what parts D12, D13 and D16 are on the Expansion Dock, so I can order them if I feel I need them when making my own USB connection to the Omega2. They appear to be TVS Diodes... but what clamping voltage? 4v?

    And in my travels, I find it hilarious that in this discussion on Schematics, the fact that the schematic appears to show that the VDD25 always grounded was never fully addressed. Was it just a very dodgy way of showing a single throw double pole tactile switch... meaning the reset line was grounded when the switch was released, and pulled up to VDD25 when it was pressed? I'm thinking the mounting tabs were confused for contacts when the "explaination" picture was put up... and that the switch actually has three contacts, and two anchor solder tabs! ;)

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