Any way to combine Omega WiFi with LEDE builds?

  • The standard WiFi driver for the MT7688 currently included in LEDE apparently neither works reliably, nor with acceptable throughput at this time (That driver is true open source work in progress, contributed by very dedicated LEDE developers in a very hostile field, so I'm not criticizing it at all - it's just not ready yet!)

    Onion, for this reason, is using another (proprietary?) driver for the official Omega2 firmware, which works fine.

    But using the Omega2 with a LEDE build currently means essentially having no WiFi.

    That's how I happily used the Omega2 for in my projects of the last few months (always using wired Ethernet).

    But now I'd like to mix the work of these months (e.g. the ledchain kernel module) with WiFi.

    Easiest would be if Onion would fully publish their LEDE setup, but unfortunately all forum threads regarding this (for example here, here, here and here) and even contributing just stalled.

    Now I wonder if it would be possible to somehow just extract the working wifi driver and use it with otherwise standard LEDE? Any ideas?

  • I'd be very interested in this as well. Anyone with this knowledge?

  • I am interested too for building my own images of LEDE with wireless support.

  • The driver exists. I got it already working. The driver can be found here:

    An alternative approach is to download a custom LEDE source from WereCatf. It contains a lot of open-source packages from Onion including the WiFi driver, ready to be compiled as an image to use on the Omega2(+). Source:
    I think this is the one you are looking for.

    So far I got no problems with the WiFi driver in my custom LEDE image.

  • The open source mt76 driver in LEDE master has received some bugfixes today that apparently make it work reliably now! At least my current testing indicates no more need to mess with kernel version dependent proprietary binary blob drivers - mt76 for the first time just works stable! #knockonwood ;-)