Omega2+ custom firmware with Ralink WiFi drivers

  • Has anyone managed to compile a custom LEDE-based firmware that uses the Ralink WiFi drivers present in the Onion default firmware and not the mac80211 ones? I have a particular project that requires wireless client bridging and the Ralink driver supports that (tested on a Linkit Smart 7688) but the mac80211 does not.

    I can rewrite my code to get rid of the bridging requirement but I was wondering if I could somehow change the WiFi drivers since that's what the default firmware uses. As far as I understood the source for that firmware has not been published ... I'm still evaluating hardware for my project and I like the fact that the Linkit 7688 line has sources for everything and you can easily compile a copy of the default firmware with all the MTK/Ralink bits on it.

    Any clues? Thank you!

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