Thread, Zigbee and Bluetooth!

  • Hi
    Some time ago I wrote about the nrf52840 form Nordic Semiconductor and that they would release the nRF52840 Dongle in end of june.
    Well they finally released the dongle you can buy it from Mouser.

    The idea is to make the Omega Thread, BT5 and ZigBee ready. I can't image a more compact gateway and server at the same time!

    The possibilities are endless, what do you want?
    With the implemenation of the nRF52840 DONGLE we can bring our omega projects a huge step further.

    I have already done some work with the nRF52840 DK and it works great.
    e.g. With an output power of +8dBm, I have a BT5 longrange signal of -90dBm, trought 2 reinforced concrete floors.

    Image you can controll your ZigBee lights with you Phone without a cloud and at the same time connect all your omegas in a Thread Network.

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