Login Password doesn't work after firmware upgrade

  • So, i did a firmware upgrade via console and after a reboot it won't accept "onioneer" as a password anymore. I have the maker kit, so I'm pretty sure I've got an ethernet connector to flash it if needed, but when I tried to access the github page to do that, github tells me that the link is broken.

    Guys, I don't mean to be a jerk, but I don't think the Omega2+ is ready for prime time. Very cool idea, love where you're going, but you get a C+ for execution.

    I'm not new to SOC...I've been using Rasp Pi and Ard for years. I teach a class on it. I'm good with SSH and CLI and Terminal and GPIO and Python...and I'm getting so frustrated with your hardware I'm ready to coat it in peanut butter and let my German Shepherd use it as a chew toy.

    It'd be nice if it didn't take a week to get an answer on this question. Yes, I know you have answered it already, and "Yes! I did search for and find the answer!" but unfortunately the answer had a link that didn't work and no follow up. So, if you can't be bothered to provide working links and comprehensive answers, then I can't be bothered to search through 93 pages of hits for "Login password fails". So there!

    seriously, I don't want to jump online and start leaving bad reviews, I really, really, really want this thing to work. Because if it works, then it's the coolest thing since the light-up keyboard on the MacBook Pro for 2007! But, I'm human and my patience is wearing thin.

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