FAQ: How can I secure or modify the default Omega Wifi Network?

  • administrators

    Once you have terminal access to the Omega, the following command will modify the default AP network:

    wifisetup -accesspoint -ssid <name of desired ssid> -auth <network encryption type> -password <desired password>

    There are 4 options for the network encryption type:

    • psk2
      • WPA2 Encryption
      • The recommended and most commonly used type
      • Password must be at least 8 characters long
    • psk
      • WPA Encryption
      • Password must be at least 8 characters long
    • wep
      • WEP Encryption
      • Old authentication type, not recommended
      • The key must be either 10 or 26 hex digits
    • none
      • No encryption
      • No password required in the above command

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