wifisetup script no longer able to return results from scan

  • Get the following:
    root:/# wifisetup
    Onion Omega Wifi Setup

    Select from the following:

    1. Scan for Wifi networks
    2. Type network info
      q) Exit

    Selection: 1
    Scanning for wifi networks...
    Command failed: Not found
    Failed to parse message data
    WARNING: Variable 'results' does not exist or is not an array/object

    ERROR: no networks detected... try again in a little while

    had to manually configure, which isn't a problem, but this error seems to indicate that latest firmware may have bjorked wifi a scanning?

  • administrators

    Which firmware are you on?

    Can you try running wifi on the command line and then scanning again?

  • @Lazar-Demin I just did a factory reset, followed by a firmware upgrade. It seems to have resolved it, and brought all interfaces back up.

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