Low Cost Onion Omega Rover

  • Hello!

    I just wanted to share a project I've been working on for the last year or so as an outreach tool for some of the departments here at Virginia Tech. It a low cost (~$30) onion omega2 based robot which is controlled through a webpage hosted on the onion omega itself. Its completely programmed in python and javascript, and is controllable from any device that can open a web browser. It features differential drive and speed control through either a real world or virtual joystick/gamepad.

    Low Cost Rover

    In addition, an onboard accelerometer allows it to detect collisions and perform obstacle avoidance (if you program it to!) and lights up an autocycling RGB led after impact. It uses a protected 18650 cell with an onboard USB charger.

    The intent was to develop a platform that was cheap enough to give away to students who wanted to build one, and it is currently being used in a high school summer camp program.

    All software files and the hardware gerbers are up on the github: github

    and the build directions and BOM are on the github wiki: github wiki

    The hardware files and ordering directions for PCBs are up here

    If you are curious the design process struggle was documented (poorly) here

    Hope someone finds this interesting or useful!


  • @William-Gerhard nice work! and thank you for making the project available. is it possible to buy the manufactured pcb anywhere?

  • Congratulations @William-Gerhard a nice piece of work!

  • @Douglas-Kryder The hardware files are on the github here along with directions for ordering the PCBs. It's currently $8.40 for 5 with free DHL shipping from JLPCB.

  • I'd love to be able to get a couple of pre-made, populated PCBs for this. Looks great.

  • Very cool!

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