Onion Power Consumption?

  • Running the Omega in the Mini Dock, it consumes ~200mA@5V and generates quite a bit of heat - while being idle.

    200mA @ idle prevents running the Omega of a battery which would be a pity.

    I did not expect this from an idle AR9331 SoC, is this a software issue (governor or that like?)? Or am I missing some power management settings?

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    @Ingomar-Otter We've been seeing 150mA @ 5V using the Mini Dock here at the office.

    We're working on enabling the low power mode on the SOC, stay tuned!

  • Hi,

    Not 100% sure my question is linked to this discussion but i guess yes... (pls let me know otherwise).

    For my project I only need a few milliseconds of the Omega every second.

    Is it possible to set it in some low-power or zero-power mode when it does not work? Ang get it waken up every second automatically? This would save a huge amount of energy.


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    @Frederic-Baumann we haven't had the resources to research any low-power mode for the Omega just yet...

  • @Frederic-Baumann After some basic searching, I couldn't find any direct reference to methods of reducing power consumption. However, I did find one hint in http://dspace.org.nz/2011/08/08/openwrt-talk-notes/ where it says:

    • The second stage was to get it to shut down to reduce power consumption; I had to patch the Linux driver for the RTC chip and do a one-wire hardware mod to get a device that could turn its own power off, and get it turned back on some time later. I submitted patches back to the Linux rtc mailing list and in due course they were blessed by Linus and went into the kernel.

    Which sounds something like what you want to achieve. There is no obvious links to the necessary information but you may be able to chase up what you want.

  • Interesting Kit, thanks! Will dig this further and let you know if I can achieve something reusable...

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