Cannot install Package

  • Hi guys

    Just satrted to use my Onion and im having a problem. Im trying to install

    I Just need to install OpenVpn or a VPN client . But cant find any on OpenWrt

    • opkg install openvpn-openssl

    and it grabs the file but i keep getting Error mnessage of

    • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package openvpn

    Iv used -force and still not working


    Thanks you

  • try opkg update first...

  • @sadry-fievet @Barry-nacey Using opkg update won't fix this. opkg clearly knows about openvpn-openssl otherwise the message would be different.

    The message that @Barry-nacey is getting indicates that the kernel version that openvpn-openssl wants doesn't match that on the Omega

    One way to handle this is to override the dependency check by using the --force-depends option on opkg but this is generally not recommended in case there are incompatibilities between the package and the kernel version - this is not always the problem but it is difficult to check without knowing what the requirements of the package are in relation to kernel access.

    The best that I can suggest is asking the Omega people to produce an openvpn-openssl package that matches the Omega kernel version

  • Is OpenVPN on any list to be made functional for the Omega?

  • Is there any progress on openvpn on the Omega?
    I have recently received two Omega2+ and was looking to use openvpn, but the same problem still appears to exist

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