Realtime Weather OLED

  • Received my OLED in the post last week and started writing a script to get it working. Managed to build a weather app using Python and shellscript.


    It currently updates every 1hr, but will be extending it to also update upon button press. Next step is to add it to a boot script so it auto starts on boot. Using the USB only as extra storage so not part of the actual application.

    Wish that you could use oled-exp scroll left on particular rows

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    @Chris-Johnson Awesome project!!

    So the OLED Expansion actually can scroll on particular rows, but that functionality isn't exposed in the oled-exp command line application.

    You would have to use the OLED C Library or the OLED Python Module to create a C or Python program respectively. In the scrolling functions, take a close look at the startPage and stopPage arguments, you can use them to define which rows will be scrolled.

    Just note that it will scroll text that's on the display in a loop, meaning that you can't have any 'off-screen' text. (This is a limitation of the display hardware)
    But I would still recommend experimenting!

  • @Lazar-Demin Ah brilliant, means i can accept longer weather descriptions :smile: Will have a look.

  • Any chance of open sourcing the script for this? :)

  • Wow great! yeah i would love for this to be open source +1.

  • One more vote to have it open source :)

  • yeah, i third it. in fact it is the first time i have read a report that has no reference to the project source itself.

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