It seems the schematic of the board with Omega2S+ sticker was published by @Lazar-Demin here.
Hardware R1.2 vs. Schematic Rev V1.0 ???

Update (19-01-21)
I forgot to mention that this layout belongs to the other board with Omega2Pro sticker (of course ;-). No comment.
I updated one of my previous posts too.

Formerly I supposed that the board with Omega2Pro sticker is the real Omega2Pro board because there was an O2Pro-Official-Shot on the Onion's blog (if I remember well ;-).

But @Lazar-Demin said this:

Regarding the two photos, the one with the sticker that says "Omega2 Pro" is an early prototype. The other photos feature a unit from our 60 unit sample run. This is what the production models will look like.

So I 'm confused a little.