How to disable AP?

  • @Himura-Kazuto agreed. I'm sure this worked at one point … a while later, I discovered it nolonger worked, or I imagined it or something. Maybe I was on a different firmware version (and have no idea which)? Who knows.

    I shelved the omega2. It's a pile. It's neat as a novelty, but overall it's a pile. I'm using other devices instead.

  • So is it confirmed that the WiFi access point on the Omega2 cannot be disabled? If that's the case, this is a dealbreaker.

    Paul: Which device did you end up using?

  • With the proprietary driver the Omega2 ships with - sadly, yes, the AP is always on.

    But with the open source mt76 driver, disabling the AP is no problem.

    And note that mt76 has matured a lot since this thread started a year ago! As a true open source project, there are people working steadily to improve it. There are updates every few weeks to make it better. For my needs, mt76 has become stable enough already many months ago. And it is a much cleaner setup, using standard cfg80211. I like it way better than these sad proprietary chunks of code tied to a specific kernel version and thus blocking all other progress!

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    Just wanted to jump in and comment about this topic with regard to the WiFi Warp Core driver (b175 and up):
    It is currently not possible to disable the AP and keep the WiFi client.
    However, it is possible to configure the AP to be hidden (not broadcasting the SSID):

    uci set wireless.ap.hidden=1
    uci commit wireless

  • @Stefano-P. said in How to disable AP?:

    Hi guys, I wanna know if it is possible to disable AP through command line.

    1. Install Firmware 183.

    2. Edit file /etc/config/wireless download example

    3. Edit file /etc/config/network download example

    4. A few seconds after the booting execute
      ifconfig ra0 down

    The AP is turned off. Internet continues to work.

  • I've added ethernet to wifi-client bridge.
    Throughput is about 50 MBit

    To start/stop wifi-ap execute
    ifconfig ra0 up
    ifconfig ra0 down

    Download config files

  • A script that automatically turns the wifi-AP off and on, depending on the wifi-client connection

    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
    start() {
    testip=$(route -n | awk '/UG/ {print $2}')
    sleep 60
    while (true)
    kol=$(ping -c 3 $testip | grep "received" | awk '{print $4}')
    if [ $kol == 0 ]
    ifconfig ra0 up
    ifconfig ra0 down
    sleep 60
    stop() {
    ifconfig ra0 up

  • @Alexander-Levakov Hi alex, would you mind explaining a little bit about your script ? Like where should i put it and how does it function linked with wifi connection ? would love to know that.

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