Can Omega 2+ run a web browser like firefox?

  • Hi,

    I just want to know if a Onion Omega 2+ can run a web browser app, I want to use my Omega to upload video's to youtube and so on. I have seen some tutorials to get transmission (bittorrent) up and running but I cannot find any browser related info really. I want to use the SD Card as an external storage to save the files on and I wan to share the directory as well.


  • In theory, it it is possible, and the system has more resources than those used in the early days of the web... but practically it is not sensible - there isn't sufficient memory to deal with modern heavyweight web design, and there's really no graphical or human interface system to speak of. You would have a huge project to undertake, with essentially no support as the people who could help would think it was a bad idea, and even when finished the result would be disappointing.

    If you want to use this type of platform you should probably stick to script and textual type tools; if you want a GUI pick instead something based on a tablet, or phone chipset or (if you don't mind occasionally re-imaging an SD card) perhaps a raspberry pi.

  • How about a text-based browser like Links?

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