Hot dock, HELP!

  • My expansion dock becomes extremely hot as soon as I plug the current cable in it.
    How could I fix the problem?

  • What part of it exactly becomes hot?
    And what do you plug it into? (a USB port in computer, a charger etc.)

  • The hot component is a squared chip in the middle of the dock
    I have the same problem if I plug the USB into a wall charger or into the pc

  • How hot (about) does it get?

    Mine also gets 'hot' when compared to, let's say, Atmegas, but I can safely for example put a finger on my Onion.

    Does Wi-Fi etc. work without any problems?

  • No I can't put a finger on it and I can't keep the dock powered cause of a burning smell coming out from the dock

  • Most interesting question would be if it gets hot when the Omega module is not installed in the dock, or only when the module is installed. Given the fact that something is apparently wrong you would have to be very careful in trying it again at all - current limited source supply, and only power very briefly. Ideally instead of looking for heat you would measure the power consumed from the USB input.

    Also look at the board (ideally under magnification with bright light) for any shorts, damaged components, or solder bridges between pins, etc.

    Are you sure the module is installed in the dock in the correct orientation? The diagonally clipped corner should match.

  • @Matteo-Secco

    Your expansion dock is a goner.
    (Assuming you are talking about this dock )

    The square IC in that board is a USB-serial chip (most likely CP2102.)
    Usually when it was hit by high voltage even in a brief moment, it will be damaged and causing shortage.

    BTW, the power switcher IC (5 --> 3.3V IC, the 5-pin one) may have also died.
    This IC is very useful since it has the special "zero droipout" design.
    On the other hand, it will also meet its instant death when power supply goes above 5.5V, even briefly.


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