Arduino sketches to Onion omega 2.

  • Re: Arduino and Omega
    Would it be possible to port arduino sketches to the omega onion 2?

  • So long as there is no effort to make Omega2 as one of the Arduino supported boards
    (i.e., as a part of the Arduino platform),
    it is a waste of time trying to port sketch over.

    Currently, AFAIK, there is no such effort in place at all.

  • As @ccs-hello mentioned, not trivially. But Arduino sketches are just C/C++ programs with some helper functions and syntactic sugar sprinkled on top, so it wouldn't be an impossible undertaking porting a sketch and it's required libraries over to use Omega's GPIO.

    Obviously things like power management and timings would be different it would never be a simple drop-in change, but if your code doesn't make use of things like that, it's definitely doable.

    All that being said, you would most likely have an easier time of it just re-implementing the sketch from ground up on the Omega, or if you're really married to the Arduino IDE, getting a different, Arduino compatible, board like one of the ESP32-powered ones.

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