Disabling Wifi Scan

  • Hello everyone,

    I have an Omega 2+, and I am using it as a kind of wireless controller for a robot. I do this by plugging an XBox 360 controller into the Omega (with the dock) and having the robot connect to the Omega's wifi AP. It works great! However, there is a problem.

    It only works when the Omega is connected to wifi itself. If it is not connected to some network, it lags horribly (still works, but 5 second control lag or so - unusable!)
    The lag happens in regular intervals. I assume this is due to the Omega scanning for wifi networks. This system needs to be portable, so having to connect to a wifi network just so it doesn't lag is pretty annoying!

    How can I disable this scanning, or disable regular wifi altogether and keep the AP? Any ideas?


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    I still have not found a solution.

  • administrators

    You need to edit the file /etc/config/wireless
    Under config wifi-iface sta
    set option disabled '0' to option disabled '1'

    reboot your omega2+ and it will not try to scan or connect to any WiFi.

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