OpenSSL, SHA256 and RSA-SHA256

  • Searching the web on modules that can run Linux, I found a module that can fit in 30x40mm space in a device. The "problem" is that it needs to be able to manipulate XML files and sign them using SHA256 and RSA-SHA256 algorithms. Can this custom modules be installed on Onion module so I might be able to write a C code to do the work?

  • @Gabrijel-Erman Omega uses OpenWrt so take a look at the available packages, OpenSSL- utils supports SHA256 and a range of other encryption and hash methods. Also there is kmod-crypto-hash kernel modules.

    Take a look at how to cross compile for Omega, the doc is here. All of my Omega apps are written in C, it's basically Linux but you have to be miserly with use of resources.

    This is hte link to compiling on Omega:

    This is the link to cross compiling on Omega:

  • Well, I'll just go ahead and order one then play to see what can be done:) Also, there exists OpenSSL for OpenWRT so, it shall be possible to do what I want. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    just to close this story: using cross compile method I was able to build openssl and xmlsec1. Then I just transferred .so files to Onion, cross compiled examples from xmlsec1 and tested. Everything works fine.


  • @morfeus Thanks for the update. Glad to hear everything worked for you.

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