Mini Wireless HD Webcam

  • Hopefully, the pictures are self explanatory. :blush:

    YouTube video of working prototype







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  • Your camera is MegaPixel and works right out of the box? Nice job @Janus-Sanders

  • @Guest yup, I was surprised to and excited especially with all of the difficulty others were having with their cameras! One caveat though, the model I used require too much power to light the embedded LEDs so I manually cut the power to them and got 30+ minutes of HD video streaming out of it! I'm currently in the process of posting a video of it working.

    "Change happens a little 'bit' at a time!"


  • @Janus-Sanders Compact, small and clear excellent job. Now back to your notes and see about getting the parts needed to test my own setup. Thanks for the video that was interesting and like the clarity of the shots.

  • @Guest you're most welcome! Thanks also to the Onion Team on a job well done!

    "Change happens a little 'bit' at a time!"


  • @Janus-Sanders Thanks for sharing your project! We want to show you our appreciation by giving you an Omega2! Please email with your shipping info or let us know if what we have on file from your previous order is ok!

  • @francis-chung WOW! I feel honored! The shipping address you have on file is the same, thank you!

    "Change happens a little 'bit' at a time!"


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    @Janus-Sanders Very cool!
    Check out the Power Dock, it will make your project a little bigger, but you won't need the additional circuitry to power the Omega and camera.

    The Power Dock will be available in the Onion Store soon!

  • That's really cool! I'd love to stick one of those on our drone in the office :D

  • I am very impressed with this project, but I wonder Why there is so expensive camera used (over $100)? Is there a special feature you wanted to use?
    My second question is - will you public more details on this project? Do you use mjpeg-streamer? As I have read it has some bugs, so maybe that's why camera broadcast freezes?
    Thanks in advance for every answer! :-)