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  • Hello.

    I'm trying to build bootloader for my Omega 2. I don't like Omega2's stock bootloader because it does not allow me to flash using TFTP over Ethernet or other various features exists in Ralink U-Boot (i.e. Linkit 7688's one, various Mediatek based home wrts, etc). Since bootloader flashing is quite dangerous (possible to "hard brick" it -- need heat gun and SOIC clip to re-flash it), I want to minimize my mistake. So I looked for Omega2's hacked Ralink U-Boot source code but I couldn't find any.

    My question is:

    • Ralink U-Boot is based on U-Boot (GPLv2). Also, Omega2's bootloader seems to based on Ralink U-Boot (It clearly states "Onion Omega2 UBoot Version:" in their bootloader UART output), so it is subjected to GPLv2. So Onion MUST release its source code. but I cannot find one. Are they violating GPL?
    • Whether Onion keeps violating GPL or not, I'm going to compile Linkit bootloader or Padavan bootloader for my Omega. Is there any major chip list (SPI flash, DRAM, etc) available? I just don't want hurting Omega2's EMI shield to read part numbers.

  • @perillamint- Without a JTAG port on the Omegas, makes sense to me.

    Lazar (@Lazar-Demin) is the guy to ask, he did say this here a few days ago.

    We hear what you guys are saying in terms of the community working [to] make the firmware better, so we will be open sourcing the firmware sometime in March as well :)

    Thank you all for your continued patience and support for a young company <3

  • Omega 2+ Flash is an MX25L25645GM2I-10G, which incidentally is a fatally erroneous choice for an MT7688 system, as due to its stateful addressing mode with power-on default of 3-byte mode cannot be operated to utilize its full capacity in a way that will allow the system to reliably restart after unexpected resets. Macronix's alternative MX25L25735F with permanent 4-byte addressing, or another vendor's chip with stateless addressing or configurable power-on default would have been a suitable choice. Note the U-Boot is typically imprecise in software differentiation of Macronix parts in terms of the messages printed.

    DDR is an NT5TU64M16HG

    The plain Omega2 will of course use different flash and RAM, and would not appear to have the same reset issue with flash selection.

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