Onion Omega2 LTE - coming soon to Crowd Supply

  • Didn't see any mention of this here yet.

    Found this in my mailbox this morning: Onion Omega2 LTE A 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connected Linux dev board with GNSS global positioning

    So this looks to be the answer to the long awaited (for me anyway) cellular option.

  • @cas yeah, except for the oboo supporters being royallY pissed that onion has put that campaign on a back burner it's great that they continue to develop the omega2. i noticed no emmc this time and no usb a host, no mention if the usb-c is host but i would think they would have to in case of recoveries. i think thats the same modem that pine64 is using in their upcoming pinephone. hope onion can keep this device ~50US.

  • @Douglas-Kryder
    I didn't back the oboo. I pulled out for some reason that I forget now. Perhaps it was the closed source aspects, can't really remember. Nevertheless, it is a pity that it doesn't seem to be getting the attention of the other Onion products. Or perhaps it is, but the closedness of it means no volunteer input to widen the support base.

    Back OT, yup, the lack of emmc means we are back to the fiddly external sd storage external boot options. Perhaps there was insufficient space on the board to house the chip, although it looks like there's plenty underneath.

    I guess we will have to wait on the data sheet (or an official post here - It annoys me that the Crowd Supply platform doesn't enable interactive questions on their projects) regarding whether the USB-C is host or not and whether there is any impact regarding usb flashing for recoveries. I must admit, I use that functionality a lot! I doubt I'd back this if it was removed, unless there's an alternative bare bones recovery option offer that doesn't require an ethernet expansion.

  • Finally! The USB A is gone!

    I just wish they would stack the board so it would fit into a smaller enclosure. Why remove the RGB LED?!?!

    LTE connectivity is perfect for so many products I am working on right now. Thankyou Onion!

  • @cas i can not see why the heck they would remove the host functionality from the usb-c. that would rank up there with the biggest mistakes. i still think usb flash drives are better than sd cards and so an usb-c to usb-a adapter would allow not only recoveries on my older flash drives, but also the overlay. i have not read if it is a 3.0 usb-c or not but if it is i'd get a usb-c flash. i'm gonna be waiting on this one to get an idea if it works anyway.

  • Just a heads up that the project is now live in case anyone would like to back it.

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