@James-Harding Onion have a tutorial for installing Blynk at https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/blynk-library Very straightforward and fine for the 2's even though the set up is for the 1's. Blynk are aware they need to update to the new pinout but you can use pins common to 1 and 2 for now. The code is just slightly too big for a 2 but fine for a 2+ so anyone that has a 2 would need to find 1 or 2MB or setup the filesystem on a USB stick. The tabs that are shown in the screenshot have video streams from our USB and IP cameras. Our main use for the video is that we are big fans of RF transmissions and it gives us a way of being 100% sure that when we made the request to control our thermostat from the other side of the world the thermostat responded as requested. We wouldn't want to arrive at our luxury beach side villa (if we had one) to find out it was too hold or too cold because someone pressed their keyfob at the same time as we sent our RF request from the airport. Blynk has oodles of widget these days including GPS and light sensors etc. All using free hardware i.e. your Smartphone sensors. Great system for average coders that don't want / can't port forward. For us personally we will probably not take it further with the Omega's until the $1 docks arrive and by then it might be Omega 5 or 6. We use alternative hardware for our main thermostat systems but the Omega is quite capable, if a little expensive.