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Access Point & Router Config

  • Hello Onioneers! Been a long time since my last post...

    I have group of ESP32 & Pi based sensors that I need to connect to each other via an access point. Each of these devices is running mDNS and has a 'devicename.local' hostname. These devices need to dump their data to 'host.local' and in turn 'host.local' then needs to connect to a sql server in range 10...* running on clients corporate LAN, as well as accessing certain cloud based services in range 156...*

    To assign each device a static IP is not feasible so I would like to use the faithful Onion to behave as an access point and router which behaves in the following way:

    1. any device requesting a .local domain will get routed via the AP
    2. any device requesting a 10.* IP or 156.* address will get routed through eth0

    eth0 will be connected to the corporate LAN and should get assigned a dynamic IP via dhcp - I can request a static IP from their admin if need be. For security reasons we will need to drop any connection to a non authorised IP.

    I would really appreciate some guidance here as my networking skills are still under construction. Can anyone point towards the Idiots guide? šŸ™‚

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