@György-Farkas / to all Thank you all for support. yes Gyorgy, you are completely correct; I did changed the sources on the /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf by uncommenting the ones related with lede-project; however, I did this via ssh terminal on the phone and actually missed exactly the mipsel_24kc/packages As a result, the attempt of trying to install etherwake package failed. my next option was to enable all sources from the config file, just to be sure . . . .in the meantime I was also seeing your post and the proof that etherwake package can be installed. Now, etherwake was installed only to find out that the actual command is not working . . . .; It took me about 1-2 hours to figure out that this package seems to work only on the RJ45 connected port , which is not the case because I only have omega2+ and the PowerDock installed on the location so without a LAN connection; Just by guessing and hoping that lede project will have similar packages implemented I've done: opkg update opkg install wakeonlan downloading packages and aftel install I was able to use: wakeonlan xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (aka the MAC address) and the LAN PC was started via Wi-Fi, without the need of having a cable connected to the device. PS: of course, that will be an issue when some power brakes are going to be experienced by the router and the Wi-Fi connection will be messed up so for just in case I'm going to have the Ethernet expansion dock on my future setup.