Maximilian, thank you very much for your help. I experimented a little more and also concluded that the method doesn't work for the pulses option. However, I did find a work around. Instead of using the fast-gpio access through the ubus call (which would allow me access from anywhere), I created a 1-liner script that looks like this: fast-gpio pulses 19 $1 3 and named it /root/gpio19 Going back to the Onion Cloud, I chose the method launch-process, and as the command I set: /root/gpio19 /root/input.csv The response is: { "resp": "Command to launch in background: /root/gpio19 /root/1.on.csv" } and it actually does what was supposed to! By the way, I'm using this to create a middle man between the Internet and my RF controlled outlets. I can now develop apps or crontabs to turn things on and off through the house.