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Can I interface touch screen with Omega2 Processor?

  • I want to work on an application where the user can use a touch screen to communicate with the processor, I choose Omega2 because of its cost effective.

    So please suggest me any one had experience with interfacing Touchscreen with Omega2

  • I'm curious about which devices would easily interface with the Omega2 as well. I'm sure there are lots of VGA+USB(Mouse) touch screen devices out there, but the Omega doesn't have the VGA feature. Perhaps adding a VGA controller, and then we are in business? The 580Mhz Omega2 can certainly handle the VGA load.

  • These guys here do VGA interfaces and I have used them. They have touch screens and VGA controlled by a serial link that is really easy to use.


    Awesome.. šŸ™‚

  • Wow! Thanks, TheLion! 4D Systems' uCAM-II Micro Serial Camera Module looks very interesting too. Possibilities are endless.

  • strictly speaking, if you are willing to write your own spi code, you could find tft displays very cheap on ali for example, and the overall cost of your project will be very low.
    last week i received my 240 x 320 dpi spi tft thingie for under CAD 6. people are using those with esp8266, so it shouldn't be a problem with omega. i haven't tried it yet though, it's the last thing in a queue of a million things to do šŸ™‚

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