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OLED Draw issue

  • Hi,

    I bought 0.96" I2C display and able to use oled-exp app to write to the screen. I've also managed to use the console app to upload image and get it converted to .lcd format.

    When I use Onion WebApp I can see the image drawn in the OLED but when I use the same .lcd file with oled-exp using the following command

    oled-exp draw /root/image.lcd

    it just make the OLED blank (black) and nothing show up.

    Any idea ?


  • I found the problem. Seems like the file that was created initially by Onion Webapp has all zeroes inside it. The property step was to hit the 'Save to Omega' button to save the actual content into the file.

    After doing that I was able to show the image.

    Thanks for listening šŸ™‚

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