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Multi-room Different Audio WiFi Players

  • Ok I'm on the hunt for a way to play multiple audio files to up to 20 different locations via WiFi. While hunting I came across the Omega soon to be Omega2. Needless to say, I'm excited about the possibilities. My question is, what would I need to make this work with the Omega and Omega2? I am assuming that the Omega system would feed to an amplifier and speakers. I can handle the amplifier and speakers. I just need help on configuring the WiFi side. Also, any suggestions of software that would allow me to basically set multiple players and send their audio output to 20 different IP addresses / WiFi Omega systems....

    That's just a start. Of course now that I have read about the system, the other option is to manage the multiple systems and send an audio file to it and have a local audio player on the Omega loop the file. Then I would just need to remote manage the systems.

    Hope this is the right place to ask for help...


  • The concept that you are looking for is STREAMING. Look for open source linux streaming clients and servers. The fact that data is transported via WiFi is not the most important issue. My guess is that you will end up with either a server that send audio streams to your Omegas, or the Omegas that will request audio streams. It will depend on the software that you will choose.

  • So I found the link on "Streaming Music with Airplay" that seems to turn the Omega into and "AirPlay" device.

    If I were to use this, then I would need a "player" that supports streaming multiple audio files to multiple AirPlay devices. On windows it looks like "Airfoil" by Rogue Moeba might do this. Also looks like they have a Linux package that can receive feeds called "Airfoil Speakers for Linux". The various free builds are at the bottom of the page.

    I'm just wondering if I could really stream 12 to 20 feeds at once without issues. It might be better to find a player for each Omega and upload the different audio files to each Omega. Then my only challenge would be to have a way to check the status of each player to make sure they are still "playing."

  • Another possiblity would be a "Squeezebox/LMS" (Logitech Media Server) Solution.

    I have three different Omegas running for almost half an year as Squeezebox clients (using squeezelite).


    Another way could be "Snapcast". I tested that a couple of weeks ago with the Omegas and it was also running quite smooth.

  • @Thomas-Mueller can you share the snapcast packages or how you compiled it for Omega2?
    Can you tell me where is the squeezelite for omega?

  • @Thomas-Mueller do you have the binary files of squeezelite for omega2?


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