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[ASK]Communicate between Omega 2 Plus via WiFi (Full Duplex)

  • Hi,
    is it possible to communicate between Omega 2 plus (full duplex) via WiFi maybe some string data, and then send the data received to Serial output?

    example case:
    i have 2 omega 2 plus, each board connected to arduino uno via serial (RX/TX). in arduino i have 1 push button, and 1 LED, so if i push the button on arduino 'A' side, the led on arduino 'B' side will turn on and vice versa.

    Thank You

  • The feature you need is sending a datagram Internet packet (UDP) through a UNIX socket. There's an OpenWRT wrapper/helper that should be available for Omega2 as well. Here's a start for some info:

  • Thank you for your reply and the link!

    i'll post if i succeed...just waiting for onion 2 to arrive...

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