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Started work on an Omega2 adapter for Johnny-five

  • I really enjoy working in Node.js and my typical IoT stack uses Node and Johnny-five for uniform APIs across devices.

    To support that on the Omega2+ I just received, I've started work on an adapter for Johnny-five, and thought people would be interested in helping/using it.

    Presently I'm using fast-gpio as an interface to the Omega2 GPIO, and have implemented digitalRead, digitalWrite, and analogWrite. There is code in the adapter for i2c, but I haven't done any work on it to adapt it to the Omega2.

    The lib is presently available on NPM (omega2-io), and on github as a beta. No guarantees whether it will work or not at this point.

    In the future, it might be good to build gyp-bindings directly to the C libraries rather than using the default utils, but spawning fast-gpio from node will likely work as a sufficient stopgap for many applications.

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