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My Month with the Omega2+

  • OK, so let me preface this with the following statement. "I am not a programmer or hacker or maker."

    I bought the Omega2+ on Kickstarter on a whim of "well, that's pretty cool. I wonder if I can make my own wifi garage door opener that will use IFTTT to open the door when I get to my driveway?" And then, $125+ and months later, I get my 2 Omega2+'s, power dock, expansion dock, oled expansion, gps expansion and relay expansion. It was a bit of a struggle getting the first one working - I had to reset it twice back to factory - but now I have on device sitting as a webcam looking out my back window and the other is a carry around to just mess with.

    I have been able to get a couple projects going, from showing the GPS info on the OLED to getting the Weather for the current GPS location onto the OLED and one that grabs sun/moon info - also showing it on the OLED. My tinker device has been reset more times than I can count now - usually to me doing some dumb install or changing the wrong file or doing something in the wrong order and being unable to back out the changes.

    However, I now have my tinker device set up how I want; Samba Server, FTP Access, Python, 16GB SD Card as the ROOTFS and 1GB Swap file (available at boot!) and the GPS and OLED pretty much stay with it all the time. I picked up an innexpensive 8" Windows 10 tablet I use to interface with it via PuTTY, WinSCP and Samba. Hell, I even changed up the banner and customized that.

    I have some more ideas of stuff I want to do with this, and one of them requires another chip and minidock, but alas that will have to wait.

    All in all, with the help from this forum, I have been able to get everything I have wanted working, so far. Look forward to more projects and seeing the community grow and more projects from others open up so we can learn more. I hope those who've had issues get them cleared up quickly.

    Omega 2+ and Tablet

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