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Trying to send data from arduino dock over omega 2 wifi connection

  • Hi folk, i need help. How i can send data from arduino dock 2 over omega 2 Wifi connection to SQL server?

  • Could some help me please, or have idea who to do it, i found that arduino dock could send data to omega, but who i can handle this data and send it to SQL server?

  • @Kamil-Rasulov

    • data exchange

    On the Arduino Dock Omega and the ATmega MCU can communicate via a serial connection and / or via I2C.

    • access a remote sql database

    I'm afraid this won't be a single command or a one-liner script.
    opkg update
    opkg list | grep sql

    root@Omega-5BE1:~# opkg list | grep sql
    libmysqlclient - 5.1.73-2 - MySQL client library
    libsqlite3 - 3160000-1 - SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. This package contains the SQLite (v3.x) shared library, used by other programs.
    php7-mod-mysqli - 7.1.1-1 - MySQL Improved Extension shared module
    php7-mod-pdo-mysql - 7.1.1-1 - PDO driver for MySQL shared module
    php7-mod-pdo-pgsql - 7.1.1-1 - PDO driver for PostgreSQL shared module
    php7-mod-pdo-sqlite - 7.1.1-1 - PDO driver for SQLite 3.x shared module
    php7-mod-pgsql - 7.1.1-1 - PostgreSQL shared module
    php7-mod-sqlite3 - 7.1.1-1 - SQLite3 shared module
    python-mysql - 1.2.5-1 - MySQLdb is an thread-compatible interface to the popular MySQL database server that provides the Python database API.
    python-sqlite3 - 2.7.13-4 - Python 2.7 sqlite3 module
    python3-sqlite3 - 3.6.0-4 - Python 3.6 sqlite3 module

    So there are SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Python.

    Search on the web, you'll surely find something. Keyword examples:
    connect to sqlite database python
    connect to remote sqlite database python
    connect to mysql database python
    and so on.

    Do make a decision.
    After that probably you should install python and the appropriate sql module.
    Installing and Using Python on Omega2.

    Good luck!

  • @György-Farkas
    Thanks a lot, i will check and come back with feedback, only one question missed. Where stored omega 2 data data from arduino dock 2? who can access to that data?

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