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Omega 2 as a DNS Updater Client and Remote Access

  • Hi,
    I am completely new to the Omega 2 and Onion. I am looking for a discreet low power computer that can connect to a router via WI-FI and run NO-IP's DUC client. This is their DNS updater client.

    No-IP supply DUC to run on Linux Ubuntu so don't know is this will work with the standard Omega 2 which I believe is based on OpenWrt?
    I would also like to use this device as a gateway to provide remote desktop access to a number of Windows 10 pcs on the LAN.
    Can anyone tel me if this is feasible? The DNS updater is the primary usage and Remote desktop would be a bonus.
    Many thanks

  • Well, As per what I think I think it is not possible to run the windows application in Omega2. You need to have WIne and make too much of adjusments to make it work which will not work because the Omega2 has little resources for these kind of work.

    You need to get an API integrated with a python or anyother language, put it in a cron job and make it run under a cron job so that the script executes and changes the IP in No-IP.

    All these are just right away from my brain making imaginary calculations. The No-IP may not have an API. If that is the case, then I am sorry - I can't do anything more.

    If whatever I said is correct, then give me a thumbs-up. Or, if it is wrong, then do ping me back and I will correct it accordingly to it.

  • Thanks Alpha man but I am not looking to run Windows applications on Omega 2.

    No-IP produce a linux based DUC which is supposed to run on Ubuntu. I am trying to find out if this app will run on Onion? I believe Onion is Linux but I don't know what fork. Is it based on Ubuntu or Debian or something completely different?
    Many thanks

  • @Fozzie-Bear - I was able to get dynamic dns running using this setup:


    Hope it helps! šŸ™‚

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