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UPNP on Omega Onion

  • Hello folks, I have to use upnp package on my Omega Onion module, so that it should be visible in Networks option in windows and user should be able to enter his own credentials to access the device.
    I installed the package libupnp in Omega Onion successfully. But still I am unable to use it.

    Can anyone please let me know if some additional thing to be done for making it working, like some configuration, etc.

  • There is a package gssdp which can be used to send the discovery messages to the upnp clients like a PC. I am able to run gssdp (test_publish) on my ubuntu PC, but following packages are needed on Omega Onion :
    glib, gio, gmodule, libsoup, libxml

    I am not able to install these packages on onion, can somebody help me with this.

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