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libwiiclassic - Using a Nintendo Wii classic controller with your Omega2

  • This is the first release in a series of at least 4 projects, coming over the next 2 weeks.

    The libwiiclassic library enables owners of an Omega2(+) to easily develop software in C which is capable of using a Nintendo Wii Classic controller as input device. Github page: https://github.com/gamer-cndg/omega2-wii-classic-controller/

    When you want to get a joystick on your microcontroller project, you have a few options:

    • Build a completely custom controller and case yourself, using buttons and joysticks (a.k.a. potentiometers)
    • Buy some bulky shield made for Arduino (e.g. from Sparkfun) or Raspberry Pi (e.g. from Adafruit)
    • use commercial controllers like the PS2 controller and decode the signals yourself
    • use a USB joystick (if you have a USB port and it is broken out) and use some Linux library or SDL to get the input

    However, I found another option, which is incredibly easy to implement: Use a Nintendo Wii Classic controller! These controllers work over plain old I²C.

    connector adafruit_nunchucky

    Once you have a fitting connector PCB for it (e.g. Adafruit Nunchucky or wiikend), you just connect up the four wires VCC,GND,SCL and SDA to your Omega and use the library to get the input data.


    Compilation and usage instructions can be found on the github page.

    Let this inspire you to do projects like controller a motor using the joystick, control LEDs, playing games or more.

    Happy hacking!

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