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Ethernet & MicroPython

  • Hi all, I'm new to Onion Omega2+ and have a question (before buying this board, including the Onion Ethernet expansion board).

    Is it possible to use MicroPython in combination with the Ethernet board (e.g. can I write scripts in Python and output it through Ethernet ...? For my project I need a fixed connection through a local telnet connection.

    With kind regards, Jeroen Wolf

  • Yes, Ethernet interface is already in your system. Board adds only phisical layer (M3066ANL votage transformer + RJ45 connector).

  • Hi Jakub, super! Thx for you response. Do you know if there are any Python sample tutorials / urls available concerning a telnet connection in combination with the Onion Omega 1/2/2+ / Onion Ethernet board?

    I can imagine you have to declare settings in the Python script for the fysical connection (hardwiring) between the two boards?

    Cheers, Jeroen

  • Just use as it was any other PC. Just use telnetlib, asyncio or any other library (may need to install package).

    P.S. Remember to upvote answers if they fit your needs šŸ˜‰

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