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System Backups

  • How does everyone else perform their backups? Is it possible to do a system image so that I can quickly switch between projects?

  • It's not quite a system image but I keep everything I do on my laptop as well and script out any configuration changes or deployments I do. That way it's quick and easy to factory reset the Omega if I need to start over and I can just run my scripts to get back to where I was. Each project could have its own setup script with whatever you need (e.g. "opkg update ; opkg install python wireless-tools").

    You could probably make uninstall scripts or even build your projects as opkg packages so you could install/uninstall them that way. But that sounds like too much work for me unless I were releasing something for other folks to download. The builtin wipe/reimage process is just really easy šŸ™‚

  • Thanks @fader and @Boken-Lin. I have started using tmux in a vertical split screen while testing so that I can quickly restore my changes after a factory reset. The openwrt article was handy for keeping my configs.

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