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WiFi RC Car - Php + Html

  • Hi,

    I start playing with my kids RC car, adding to it control using Omega2. I decided to develop most of the functions using Php just for fun and because i don't se many people here using it šŸ™‚
    I have reused and modified libraries i have found all around web.

    Principle is simple. Php script on omega is running as daemon communicating with browser via web socket. In browser - open Html (served from omega2) and use touch screen of your mobile to point direction + speed by moving your finger up, down left right šŸ™‚ . If you run webcam on omega, you can get video feed over screen and controls are still working.

    I still need to write details and how did I wire it šŸ™‚ If somebody is interested you can check at: Github. Be aware, it's still just working demo. It works, my kids are playing with it, but still, i did not clean up code.

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