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Golang library for fast-gpio

  • Hi guys,

    I like Golang and I think it makes a lo of sense to use it in IoT projects.
    Recently I bought a Onion Omega2 and I thought I should make a small project with it.
    I decided to use Go since the resulting executable will be standalone, and fast, plus it has a lot of facilities that would be nice to have (http client and server are just two of them).
    While you could use existing Golang libraries that will use the filesystem mappings of the GPIOs, I've considered that is better to implement a fast-gpio library. Besides the fact that it will be faster, it is also a nice "give back" to this community.
    So the result is https://github.com/adiclepcea/go-omega2gpio.
    I hope someone will also consider it usefull.

    Have a nice day

  • I have added a small instructable for this. It also contains a small video with a demo and a comparison between C and Go PWM.

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