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use omega as AVR ICSP

  • i'm trying to use the omega as an ICSP like how you can use the arduino dock to flash the co-processor installed. I have a warehouse of chips to flash with firmware and eeprom and noticed that the omega would use AVRDude to push the sketch from the arduino IDE. I was wondering if it was possible to use this same concept put push a loaded hex file on the omega to an external avr chip. Could i use the expansion doc or arduino doc or do i need to use breadboard doc to get expose the correct pins.

    I suppose i can use uart 2, do i just connect the tx on the omega to the MOSI on the target avr and the uart RX on to the target MISO? would this work and just invoke avr dude via shell file?

  • ICSP is (SPI like and is,) using synchronous serial (CLK, MOSI, and MISO) method to perform in-circuit programming.
    You have to find a proper library to perform such task, probably in bitbanging style.

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