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Omega2+ GSM GNSS supported development board

  • GSM & GNSS supported OMEGA2+ Development Board
    GSM Shield
    Side view
    USB & Ethernet

    I want to write about OMEGA2+ projects. I developed a board to use OMEGA2+ shields entirely. It is ethernet, usb capable and connect to MC60 GSM GNSS module.
    I wrote everything about produce steps at my blog. My blog is Turkish Language. I have no ability to describe everything in English. but images can give idea to you.

    I plan to write about developing python codes and new projects depending on OMEGA2+.
    They will place on my blog as soon as.
    I want ONION company to hear us. I want OMEGA2S product to be sold seperately, not 250 piece sheets. If i colud get one, my projects would have smaller volume than it was.

  • Beta Tester

    Hi, Onion offers the Omega2S/2S+ modules in trays of 50, so the MOQ is 50. Also, we offer packages of 5 samples as well. Contact sales@onion.io for a purchasing account to be set up up.

  • thanks for attention. I will contact sales@onion.io

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