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  • Hey all,

    I was wondering if some one knows how to get a Arduino compatible GPS ( Not a USB, Using pins) to send data.
    It is a NEO6MV2 Mod GPS outputting NMEA data at 9600 Baud

  • OK so I have figured it out a bit more
    Because im using UART its sending on the ttyS1 and I have changed the /etc/config/gps file so it reflects ttS1 and not ttACM

    However it will not show gps when I ubus list

  • Double-check that you have RX and TX connected correctly - they're easy to get swapped, as the usual convention is to connect TX of one device to RX of another.

    Also, you can check that you're getting bits by cating /dev/ttyS1, or using a terminal program like minicom or screen.

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