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Internal PS2 slim samba server

  • Hi all. I'm planning on making an internal samba server for a PS2 slim. A Pi Zero is a little too big for some models, but I think this might be small enough to be quite versatile.

    My question is pretty straight forward though; since I plan on keeping the Ethernet soldered directly to the PS2, can I wire the Ethernet GPIO ports directly to the PS2 motherboard, or do I still need a component between the two? I read through this thread, which seems to indicate that there's a danger of frying the board if any significant voltage is introduced. With the lines hard soldered in, I don't see that happening.

    Thanks in advance

  • Where do you grab what Ethernet lines exactly? Directly at the physical Ethernet connector or after the magnetics, which the PS2 should have? Some ethernet jacks even have the magnetics built-in (https://eckstein-shop.de/SparkFun-RJ45-MagJack-Breakout)

  • @Maximilian-Gerhardt I was thinking to remove the jack and solder to the points. I didn't know about Ethernet ports having integrated transformers though. I found a close-up of the board and I see a transformer after, but it would be hard to know for sure without taking one apart.

    Assuming the transformer is on the board and not the port, would that work?

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