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Help with Shadow updates to AWS

  • Following the advice here:

    I have the certificate, policy and end point defined I believe correctly.

    I did the setup step and copied the certificate and private key files to the Omega2+.

    I run:
    mosquitto_pub -t $aws/things/Omega-27BF/shadow/update -m '{"state": {"desired": {"temperature": 1 }}}' -q 1

    But the shadow properties do not get updated.

    There is no error. If I add the -s option to the mosquitto_pub command I see:

    Client mosqpub|30677-Omega-1F9 sending CONNECT
    Client mosqpub|30677-Omega-1F9 received CONNACK (0)
    Client mosqpub|30677-Omega-1F9 sending PUBLISH (d0, q1, r0, m1, '$aws/things/Omega-1F93/shadow/update', ... (43 bytes))
    Client mosqpub|30677-Omega-1F9 received PUBACK (Mid: 1)
    Client mosqpub|30677-Omega-1F9 sending DISCONNECT

    Do I need to start over because I have updated the firmware on the Omega 2+.?

    I am using certificate and policy files from Feb. 2018 when this guide worked for me.

    Suggestions appreciated.

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