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X10 control

  • Not sure if anyone else has old X10 hardware and a "Firecracker" serial interface lying around but if so, it's possible to use them with the Omega to control lights and appliances. You can connect it via a USB to serial converter and send commands with the "bottlerocket" utility.

    If anyone wants the binary to do it, it's here: bottlerocket. It expects the Firecracker to be at /dev/firecracker, which can be a symlink -- create a symlink to it with 'ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/firecracker' (substituting ttyUSB0 with whatever device you have as a serial device).

    Build instructions for anyone who is interested in doing this themselves:

    • Grab the bottlerocket code from http://www.linuxha.com/bottlerocket/

    • Get a toolchain for cross-compiling. I used the one pointed out by @Johan-Simons here

    • Unpack the bottlerocket code and ./configure

    • Modify the Makefile produced by configure to point to the cross-compiler, i.e. set the "CC" variable in the Makefile to the C compiler from the Linaro toolchain. E.g.:

    • Finally, run 'make'.

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