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Virtualenv is not working on b233

  • New "stable" release - new problems. This time virtualenv won't create venv.

    Got shutil.SameFileError: '/usr/bin/python3' and '/test/venv/bin/python3' are the same file on python3 -m venv venv

    ImportError: cannot import name 'aliases'
    ERROR: The executable /test/venv/bin/python3 is not functioning
    ERROR: It thinks sys.prefix is '/test' (should be '/test/venv')
    ERROR: virtualenv is not compatible with this system or executable
    on virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 /test/venv

    was working on b200.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Ok, with some witchcraft it works, for now, I don't even know, what resolved the problem.

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